What is Fiveworx?

Find out what we’re all about in this short video introduction.

Our comprehensive technology solution helps you:

Drive Program Participation

Personalize all customer communications with our insights and content to drive greater engagement and participation.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Create 1-1 customer experiences with our predictive intelligence and machine learning-based automation.

Deliver Energy Savings

Change customer behavior and capture energy savings with regular, personalized communications with your customers.

Our persona-based content library provides the targeted communications you need to engage customers and change their behavior…

And we can prove it.

Come find us!

Fiveworx will be at the following events and conferences. If you’re nearby, please come say hello!


May 2017

AESP’s Spring Conference & Expo

Salt Lake City, UT

Association of Energy Services Professional’s dual track conference will focus on marketing and customer engagement, focusing on innovative targeted or mass media marketing tactics and campaigns and customer engagement strategies. 


May 2017

E Design 2020 Conference

San Francisco, CA

The E Design 2020 conference is a first-of-its-kind event focused on creating utility products, services, and experiences for the customer of today and tomorrow, facilitated by design experts from outside the utility space as well as forward-thinking utility leaders.


May 2017

CS Week Conference 

Fort Worth, TX

The premier customer service utility education conference for managers and executives from electric, gas, water/wastewater utilities throughout North America. 

Recent Insights

Unlocking Utility Customer Insights with Machine Learning

In the new digital ecosystem, utility customers expect from their utilities the same customized and responsive experiences they now enjoy from online shopping, social media, entertainment services, and apps. Today’s technology innovations like advanced analytics, made possible through the cloud and artificial intelligence, have the power to unlock customer insights like never before. Utilities can leverage these insights to deliver the most relevant, timely, and personalized customer experiences that help increase engagement, participation in products and services, and satisfaction. Lirio’s Jeremy Lloyd talks with Fiveworx Chief Product and Technology Officer, Patrick Hunt, about the opportunities availability through machine learning to help utilities meet these objectives.

Customer Insights from the 2016 Energy Pulse™ Study

Fiveworx Director of Strategy and Marketing, Laura Orfanedes, sits down with president and CEO of Shelton Group, Suzanne Shelton, to hear about some key nuggets of customer insight coming out of her firm’s latest national poll of American energy consumers, Energy Pulse™, and how these insights impact the messaging we design for energy marketing.

May Conferences: Speaking, Exhibiting, Moderating, & Teaching

The month of May is set to be a busy month of speaking, moderating, training, and exhibiting for Fiveworx. We will be at the following events and conferences, so if you’re nearby, please come say, “Hello!”   AESP Marketing & Customer Engagement Spring...