Get deeper, broader energy savings for a fraction of your current marketing costs.

Most Americans have done something to be more energy efficient. The problem is that they’re not seeing any results. Their monthly bills go up, not down, and they wind up blaming their utility for pushing them to spend money on energy efficiency in the first place.

Overwhelming them with lists of all the possible things they could do to be more energy efficient doesn’t help. Neither does running lots of expensive ads and direct mail pieces telling them they should be energy efficient so they can “save money!”

What does work? Tailoring your message to the deepest emotional drivers of the particular consumer segment you’re marketing to, recommending a manageable list of improvements that align with that segment’s predisposed notions, and motivating customers to stay in the game long enough to see the savings they want. (How long is that? Hint: Our research consistently shows that customers who complete five or more energy efficiency improvements say their bills have gone down.)

And that’s exactly what the Fiveworx platform is all about.

We call it Do 5 Things, but you can call it whatever you want. It’s completely customizable to fit with your existing branding, it gives you energy savings results in real time, and it’s likely the most effective marketing tool you’ve ever had at your program’s disposal.

It’s all based on Shelton Group’s 14 years of experience successfully marketing utility energy efficiency programs, on nine years of polling Americans about their attitudes and behaviors related to energy consumption, and on Shelton’s patent-pending process for consumer segmentation in the energy sector. So Do 5 Things isn’t just a cool idea – it’s a powerful tool grounded firmly in data and experience.