Effortlessly Engage Your Customers to Drive Participation and Awareness

Your customers aren’t all the same. Your messaging shouldn’t be either.

Why Personalization Matters White Paper

Now more than ever, utilities need to connect with their customers on a more meaningful level. Learn about achieving relevance through personalization of messages.

Gain Real Insight Into Your Customers' Behavior

Go beyond meter data to understand your customers’ behavioral biases, motivations, preferences, and propensities to improve effectiveness.

Putting Behavioral Economics Into Action

Fiveworx is a simple solution that puts the very best, expertly crafted email messaging in front of the right customer at the right time, allowing you to effectively market to the customer of one.

Deliver Results

Solidify your relationship as your customers’ trusted energy advisor and drive awareness of the programs and initiatives that matter most to your utility.

See how we teamed with Alliant Energy to make the Alliant Energy Advisor program a success.

Truly Know Your Clients

Go beyond meter data and bill disaggregation to truly understand what drives your customers. Deliver the right message at the right time to each customer to achieve your corporate objectives.

Fiveworx combines persona-based messaging for residential and commercial customers, behavioral analysis, and machine learning to provide you the most robust insight available on what motivates your customers.


Personalize Engagement

84% of homeowners know little to nothing about what to do to improve home energy efficiency.

(Energy Pulse™ 2016 , Shelton Group)

Your customers aren’t all the same. Your messaging shouldn’t be either. The Fiveworx platform tailors on-the-fly personalized communications between you and your customers based on their persona, preferences, and actions.

Deliver Results

You have big goals. We can help you exceed them.

Your customers aren’t all the same. Your messaging shouldn’t be either.

Leading Research

Fiveworx has the exclusive license to use insights from the Shelton Group Energy Pulse and B2B Pulse Surveys in the digital space.

Real Customer Insight

We use machine learning, psychosocial personas, and various data sources to give you a highly personalized, comprehensive view of each customer at a glance.

Persona-Based Messaging

Our ever-growing content library includes a range of engagement messaging to drive behavior change and engagement. Each piece is uniquely designed for each persona.

Set it & Forget it Email Automation

Automate email “journeys” to maintain ongoing contact with customers, plan and schedule email distribution to recipient lists, send one-off messages, use prewritten templates, and more.

Engagement Analytics

See which of your customers are opening your emails, what persona types are the most engaged, which topics and messages are most popular, and even what time your emails are likely to be opened.

Dedicated CSM

We believe software should be sickeningly simple to use. To ensure your experience with Fiveworx is easy and enjoyable, we will connect you with your very own expert Customer Success Manager to ensure implementation and deployment are seamless.

Want to learn more? See how Fiveworx can simplify your business.


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