Data Scientist


Why data scientist? Well as the CEO describes it, “we run a laboratory that improves outcomes for our clients.”

Lirio is pioneering marketing and client relationship automation software for utilities (Fiveworx) and financial services firms (Finworx). Machine learning and artificial intelligence are at the heart of our organization, and we are building a team of bright, invigorated life-long learners to make truly master the art of automated communications.

Lirio’s products use machine learning to help our clients improve outcomes for their clients by surfacing insights, tailoring their communications through persona-based messaging and personalization, and delivering recommendations for engagement via email and conversation. Our intelligent system currently uses predictive analytics to determine who to communicate with, about what, why, and via which channel, and can dynamically render messages using real-time data to increase relevance. We are seeking someone who is driven to make Lirio the leader in our space.

As data scientist  at Lirio, you will:

  • Conduct thorough analysis of complex data, draw sound conclusions, and devise actionable strategies
  • Communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear, precise, and actionable manner
  • Independently analyze a needs requirement, develop, and implement systems for complex applications
  • Think and work in an organized and effective manner in an environment that has rapidly shifting and often contradictory demands and priorities.

The ideal candidate for Lirio data scientist will have:

  • Demonstrated experience with statistical programming languages (i.e. R, SAS, Matlab, Python) and application to data mining/machine learning algorithms
  • Strong SQL skills, with MongoDB query skills preferred
  • Exceptional analytic, inductive and deductive reasoning skills
  • Strong mathematical and statistical skills
  • Experience with data scraping
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills (both written and oral) including the ability to communicate complex technical/statistical concepts to a non-technical audience.

Most importantly, you have to fit a fun culture that is driven to ship, tolerable of making mistakes, and invested in each person’s development. This is a rare opportunity to make a mark and leave your fingerprints on the success of a company. Of course, AI and ML are developing at a rapid pace, so it is assumed that you are going to stay at the cutting edge.

Lirio, LLC is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is a full-time, onsite position. We offer full benefits, including but not limited to medical insurance and 401K with matching.. Lirio, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.


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