Head of Machine Learning

Lirio’s products use machine learning to help our clients improve outcomes for their clients by surfacing insights, tailoring their communications through persona-based messaging and personalization, and delivering recommendations for engagement via email and conversation. Our intelligent system currently uses predictive analytics to determine who to communicate with, about what, why, via which channel, and can dynamically render messages using real-time data to increase relevance; we are seeking someone who is driven to make Lirio the leader in our space.

As head of machine learning at Lirio, you will:

  • Create proprietary natural language processing (NLP) algorithms using open source libraries and best practices in machine learning algorithm engineering;
  • Configure, manage, and consume third-party machine learning (ML) services from vendors like Amazon AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, and SpaCy;
  • Continually refine and optimize our machine learning solutions to improve ML-driven features, both existing
    and new;
  • Define and implement data acquisition, cleansing, normalization, and processing solutions, including verification of data integrity for analysis and secure storage and retrieval of personal information;
  • Collaborate with the software development and product management teams to ensure that all ML-based features are integrated with our software application on schedule;
  • Ensure that Lirio remains a leader in the deployment of practical and useful ML-based systems for the industries
    we serve;
  • Represent Lirio’s machine learning capabilities in both business development meetings and customer engagements; and
  • Establish and maintain Lirio’s standards and practices for the ethical and legal use of machine learning to improve personalization of customer communications.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Comprehensive understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms
  • Experience with data visualization tools
  • Proficiency in using query languages such as MongoDB and SQLExperience with NoSQL databases,
    particularly MongoDB
  • Good applied statistics skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.
  • Scripting proficiency as it relates to AI, machine learning implementation

The job title and salary of Lirio’s head of machine learning will be commensurate with experience and capability of the ideal candidate, and could range from vice president to senior director or director. We are looking for someone who can be both a strategic thinker and tactician, and grow to build and lead a team of machine learning experts as our company grows.

Lirio, LLC is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is a full-time, onsite position. We offer full benefits, including but not limited to medical insurance and 401K with matching. Lirio, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.


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