Behavioral economics-based tech startup adds healthcare influencer to Board of Directors.

KNOXVILLE, TN, February 7, 2018—

Douglas D. Hawthorne of Texas Health Resources has officially joined Lirio’s Board of Directors. Lirio is a communication technology company that takes an industry-specific approach to helping clients be more relevant and drive change among their audience. Mr. Hawthorne’s expertise will help further Lirio’s growing efforts in the healthcare sector, where Hawthorne has been recognized for his commitment to diversity, community service, and philanthropy.

“Healthcare is full of opportunities for Lirio to apply our behavioral approach to positively impact people’s lives,” said Jeremy Floyd, President and CEO of Lirio. “Who better to add to our ranks than Mr. Hawthorne, who has changed many lives through his impact in the healthcare industry?”

Based in Texas and known for his ability to turn unique challenges into successful ventures, Hawthorne oversaw the joining of several established healthcare brands—Presbyterian Healthcare Resources, Harris Methodist Hospitals, and Arlington Memorial Hospitals, which resulted in the highly successful Texas Health Resources, which has been recognized for excellence on several occasions under Hawthorne’s leadership. After serving as President and CEO of Texas Health Resources for many years, Hawthorne is now the Founding Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of the company.

“Mr. Hawthorne’s history of success in healthcare will be a huge asset to Lirio, on top of other vital qualities that make him a great fit,” explained Floyd. “One of Lirio’s core values is ‘Do the right thing,’ and he has a history of upholding that value through his commitment to community service and diversity.”

Hawthorne is a dedicated philanthropist and volunteer. He and his wife helped establish and fund the Open Arms health clinic in Tanzania, which opened in June 2011, with 358 patients treated by their team of health professionals in just three days. Open Arms was honored by Empower African Children and continues to thrive today, with a physician and a nurse treating patients daily.

Hawthorne will be in great company on Lirio’s Board of Directors, where he joins Founder and Chairman Michael R. West, Lirio President and CEO Jeremy Floyd, and Founders of Park Avenue Equity Partners: William E. Mayer and J. Douglas Holladay.

About Lirio

Lirio is a communication and technology company that uses an industry-specific approach to help its clients be more relevant and drive change among their audience. To achieve ultimate relevance and effectiveness at scale, Lirio products use concepts of behavioral economics to segment and communicate with each audience on a highly personalized level. Lirio’s technology delivers the Best Next Action to cut through the noise and deliver results by optimizing individualized communications at scale.

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