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What makes your audience tick?

For a utility company serving a massive customer base spanning across various demographics and propensities, “What makes customers tick?” is a question with infinite possible answers. Here’s how to identify and leverage the ones that matter.

You Are Not Average

Swipe left. In a world where the gateway to romance is split-second judgment, first impressions are all that matter. Research shows the human attention span is up to three seconds shorter than that of a goldfish, explaining the success of trendy dating apps like...

Machine Learning Overview Video

Machine learning gives experts like you the time and insight you need to serve your customers and their best interests. Learn why we think it's a practical solution for today’s challenge of relevant communication in a noisy world....

What Businesses Can Learn From Behavioral Science

Congratulations to Professor Richard H. Thaler for winning the 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science! Last week, Richard Thaler won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science for his contributions to the behavioral economics field. Our approach to putting...

Persona Overview

Fiveworx personas go beyond meter data to allow you to truly understand your customers and develop deeper insights into the motivations and drivers that get your customers to...

Unlocking Utility Customer Insights With Machine Learning

In the new digital ecosystem, utility customers expect the same customized and responsive experiences from their utilities that they now enjoy in online shopping, social media, entertainment services, and apps. Today’s technology innovations, like advanced analytics, have the power to unlock customer insights like never before to deliver the most relevant, timely, and personalized customer experiences. Lirio Founder Jeremy Floyd talks with Chief Product Officer Patrick Hunt about the opportunities available through machine learning to help utilities increase customer engagement, participation, and satisfaction.

Customer Insights from the 2016 Energy Pulse™ Study

Fiveworx Director of Strategy and Marketing, Laura Orfanedes, sits down with president and CEO of Shelton Group, Suzanne Shelton, to hear about some key nuggets of customer insight coming out of her firm’s latest national poll of American energy consumers, Energy Pulse™, and how these insights impact the messaging we design for energy marketing.

May Conferences: Speaking, Exhibiting, Moderating, & Teaching

The month of May is set to be a busy month of speaking, moderating, training, and exhibiting for Fiveworx. We will be at the following events and conferences, so if you’re nearby, please come say, “Hello!”   AESP Marketing & Customer Engagement Spring Conference &...

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