“Family, college basketball, and coding pretty much take up my life.”

Joe is a big fan of college basketball, particularly Duke, and played varsity basketball himself in high school.

Joe Bruno

Senior Software Engineer

Joe is a full-stack developer and UI/UX designer with an affinity for open-source projects and non-profit work. He works under the hood to perfect the Finworx system and keep things running smoothly. Joe endeavors to “bring beauty and order to complexity,” which (luckily for us!) is the perfect ambition for a highly skilled software engineer.

Work & Education:

Senior Software Engineer, Lirio, 2016.

Software Engineer, Cadre5, 2015. 

Web Developer, Infusion Ministries, 2013. 

Bryan College, Bachelor of Arts, Bible/Biblical Studies, Summa cum laude.

Personal Bio:

Joe is a proud family man with a wife and three boys, ages 4, 3, and almost 2. Joe grew up in Phoenix, AZ, where he says you can find a great mix of both east coast and west coast restaurants. He has a strong faith in Jesus and endeavors to “bring beauty and order to complexity” in life. He enjoys teaching, sharing, and reflecting upon the things he has learned. On the weekends, Joe enjoys spending time with his family, hacking on his Raspberry Pi, and learning new things.

Fun Facts:

Mac or PC? “Mac.”

Favorite musicians: Lifehouse and OneRepublic

Favorite songs: “Everything by Lifehouse is my favorite. For OneRepublic—Prodigal.”

Favorite thing as a child: “Sports. I played basketball and soccer. I was a point guard and center forward.”