Applying expertise to designing and implementing powerful algorithms to improve business processes.

Has Visited 21 countries and is happy to be back in Knoxville!

Zack Kimble

Senior Data Scientist

Zack has been working with big data from early in his career, and has used that experience to uncover highly actionable and effective insights. He received his Master of Business Administration and a Master of Business Analytics from the University of Tennessee in 2013 and 2014 respectively, and has been applying that expertise to designing and implementing powerful algorithms to improve business processes in multiple industries. At Lirio, Zack is helping build automated tools to extract insights that drive behavioral changes.

Work & Education:

Senior Data Scientist, Lirio, 2017.

Senior Data Scientist, 360i, 2016-2017.

Supply Chain Data Scientist, Home Depot, 2015-2016.

Senior Analyst of Inventory Solutions, Home Depot, 2014-2015. 

Supply Chain Strategy, Cummins Inc., 2013. 

International Procurement, Townsend Surgical, 2011-2012. 

Master of Science, Business Analytics, University of Tennessee2014. 

Master of Business Administration, Global Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee, 2013.

HSK Mandarin Fluency Certification Level 5, Yunnan Normal University, 2011.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Washington University, 2009. 

Personal Bio:

Zack likes to spend most of his free time cooking and eating, playing video games, or tinkering. He and his wife are avid travelers and foodies. Zack is a Knoxville native, but has spent most of his adult life leaving and coming back. After attending college in St. Louis, he headed to China for two years where he became fluent in Mandarin. Zack came back to Knoxville for graduate school and then spent the next three years in Atlanta before joining Lirio.

Fun Facts:

Mac or PC? “Linux for serious business. Windows for games.”

Favorite thing as a child: “Legos” 

Visited 21 countries.

Amateur photographer

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