The Fiveworx Product

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How does it work?
Our core technology combines customer personas with machine learning to improve understanding, engagement, and outcomes in four steps:

1. Segment Customers

Our technology is designed to gather information from disparate data sets, digital activity, and financial behavior.

2. Surface Insights

Using machine learning, our system analyzes the data and surfaces interesting details, such as communication preferences, behavioral trends, and engagement optimization.

3. Deliver Best-Next Action

Based on what we know about the end clients, our system puts insights into action through email communications, reminders, and social media suggestions.

4. Report Results

How effective was a specific digital communication? Who engaged? Who didn’t? Our platform puts results at your fingertips and we are there to help you analyze the data.
Residential Solution
Your residential customers aren’t all the same. Your communication shouldn’t be either.
Fiveworx starts with four proprietary Energy Sector Personas in mind, which are based on our exclusive digital license of over a decade of Shelton Group’s ongoing national polling of energy consumers’ attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and worldviews of energy-related topics.
This persona-based insight is baked into our extensive content libraries that are designed to tap the intrinsic, emotional motivators that drive customer energy-related action. Fiveworx assigns your customers into Energy Sector Personas (ESPs). Each persona identifies program participation propensity, motivations and other insights that go beyond meter data.
Commercial Segmentation
Your customers aren’t all the same. . .
The Shelton Group’s annual b2b Pulse™, a study aimed at understanding business leaders’ decision-making around environmental sustainability, indicates that industries vary in terms of their perceptions, priorities, and purchase drivers for energy efficiency.
Your communication shouldn’t be, either.
As it turns out, some sectors are more likely to participate in certain energy-saving measures and programs over others. That’s why in addition to a general messaging option, we offer messaging specifically tailored to the following industries:
  • Building Construction
  • Business Services
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Data Centers
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality, Entertainment
  • Hotels, Casinos, Conference Centers
  • Retail, Wholesale
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping, Warehousing, Transportation

This sector-specific participation propensity is combined with insights about a contacts role within their organization to create personalized messaging that is most relevant to their company in the language that will resonate most effectively with them.

For Implementers

Looking for a way to deliver even more program results to your existing utility clients? We play well with others and love to collaborate.

  • Augment your existing analysis with persona-based insights
  • More easily identify customers with a higher propensity to complete energy savings actions
  • Deliver better results to your clients

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