Meet the Fiveworx engine.

Persona-Based Communications for Utilities and Implementers

Fiveworx is a turnkey communications solution that combines energy consumer personas, behavioral analysis, automated email marketing, and machine learning to tailor on-the-fly personalized communications between you and your customers.

Our customer engagement platform creates stronger, better customer relationships that result in greater program participation, increased customer satisfaction, and deeper energy savings.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Increase in familiarity with utility programs and offers

Increase in program participation

Increase in satisfaction among utility customers

Increase in email open rates

Increase in click-through rates

Increase in visits to utility program websites.

Your customers aren’t all the same…

Fiveworx starts with four proprietary energy consumer personas in mind, which are based on our exclusive digital license of over a decade of Shelton Group’s ongoing national polling of energy consumers’ attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and worldviews of energy-related topics.

This persona-based insight is baked into our extensive content libraries that are designed to tap the intrinsic, emotional motivators that drive customer energy-related action.

We make communicating with your customers a snap.

Our powerful software tracks each customer’s journey, and provides you the insights you need for better communication, including who opens your emails, what content is resonating with each customer, and when each customer is ready to receive the next energy-related recommendation.

Then, we share relevant content from our persona-based content libraries with your customers, resulting in 1-1 personalized communications that drive participation, increase satisfaction and deliver greater energy savings.

Ready to create all your email content and campaigns from scratch?

…We didn’t think so.

Most marketing automation software on the market is overly complex, difficult to use, and requires a long implementation period. Often, you can’t even begin to use the features and functionality you’ve paid for until you have created your own content, built your own campaigns, and developed program workflows.

On top of that, if you want segmented messaging, you have to create multiple versions and sequences of content. As a result, most marketing software is vastly underutilized or, worse, never used.

We’ve Got Your Back

Marketing technology isn’t useful unless you know how to make the most of it. That’s where our Success Team comes in, providing all project management, reporting and software support, and energy-related marketing and implementation expertise. Our expert team members have been marketing energy efficiency and related topics for nearly 20 years, so we really understand your challenges and goals, and how to get you the results you’re seeking.

See for yourself how Fiveworx makes for happier utilities and more satisfied customers!

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