Why Fiveworx?

We help you move beyond traditional data to truly understand your customers. We create personalized journeys for meaningful customer engagement to drive real outcomes for your residential and commercial customers. Our platform utilizes energy personas, marketing automation, and machine learning to help you market to a customer of one.

We Know What Keeps You Up at Night

Changing Utility-Customer Relationship

There are an ever-increasing number of companies encroaching on the traditional utility/customer relationship, creating new energy options for your residential and commercial customers.

Poor Program Awareness

Despite millions in marketing dollars spent, on average, over 65% of customers remain unaware of utility rebates and program offers.

Changing Customer Expectations

Your residential and commercial customers are asking more of your utility than they ever have before and you are being pushed to deliver “more” with less.

Analysis Paralysis

Customers are overloaded with too many generic energy-savings recommendations, so they’re tuning out your marketing.


Most customers only complete about 1-3 energy saving actions, too few to see the expected benefits. So customers don’t trust utilities when the companies tell them they’ll save energy and money. Plus, customers don’t think about utilities very much – maybe 8 minutes a year.

We built Fiveworx to specifically solve these issues.

Our personalized and timely messaging helps you achieve your corporate engagement objectives (drive awareness, improve CSAT, increase program participation). And our built-in, fully automated email campaigns use predictive intelligence and machine learning algorithms to send the most relevant recommendations your customers are most likely to implement to achieve the outcomes you want to drive. As a result, utilities that use Fiveworx see greater happier customers, increased program participation and deeper energy savings.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Increase in Program Participation

Increase in Email Open Rates

Increase in Click-Through Rates

Increase in Visits to Utility Program Websites.

Fiveworx helps by:

Identifying Personas and Propensity

Your customers are more than their meter data. We assign your customers a Fiveworx Energy Sector Persona (ESP) to give you a more complete understanding of each customers preferences, biases, and motivations.

Providing Up-To-Date Client Details

We give you a highly personalized view of each customer contact at a glance based on details from their personas combined with adjustments to their journey from machine learning based on their communication patterns. Customer profiles show your past interactions, program participation and their engagement with your content allowing you to deliver the Best-Next Action to drive the outcomes you want.

Analyzing Engagement

Insight on which contacts open which emails, when and what topics they prefer helps you keep track of changes in customer needs, interests, and preferences. Fiveworx shows you how your communications efforts are paying off, and where they can be adjusted for further success.

Want to learn more? See how Fiveworx can simplify your business.

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